By 2021 BMW’s Autonomous Vehicles Will Be Guided by Israel’s Innoviz LiDAR Technology

Taking autonomous driving one step forward, BMW has signed a deal with Israeli startup Innoviz Technologies to supply LiDAR units for BMW’s 2021 autonomous vehicles series.

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a radar based technology mapping the environment and surface using laser beams. LiDAR’s main advantage is its ability to successfully operate in changing weather conditions and during night-time. Innoviz’s high-definition, solid-state LiDAR remote sensors help cars navigate their surrounding, and can be incorporated in self-driving cars ranging from level 3, which involves highly autonomous driving, up to level 5 which is fully autonomous and does not require the driver’s intervention.

As part of the cooperation, Innoviz will be in charge of the design, manufacturing and testing of the LiDAR units, and will provide the advanced computer vision software which includes object detection and tracking features.

Innoviz is the most recent company to join high profile successes including Waze and Mobileye, that represents Israel’s forefront technology in the field of smart mobility.