Israeli Startup Zeekit Can Simulate Online How Clothes Fit Your Body. ASOS is Already Convinced!

Tel Aviv based startup Zeekit Online Shopping Ltd developed a virtual fitting room to make your online shopping experience much easier. This game changing technology caught the eye of the UK online fashion retailer Asos, which integrated it into its clothing app. The new feature allows users to see how a specific item of clothing looks on multiple models with different body shapes.

Zeekit’s cutting edge algorithm implements topographic mapping that simultaneously scans the image of a human body and a selected item of clothing, deconstructs it and accurately reassembles it on the chosen model who shares similar proportions.

Online shoppers could now get the realistic simulation of how a specific item would fit their body type. This takes online fashion retail few steps forward enabling users to get an authentic shopping experience and mirroring them with an accurate image of the product they would like to purchase.