Israel-UK startup PlayerMaker Is Set On Revolutionizing Professional Football

The Israel-UK startup PlayerMaker is set on revolutionizing professional football! The startup developed a cutting edge wearable sensor which comfortably attaches to both shoes of all players and captures crucial data on player’s interaction with the ball and with other players. The sensors relay the data to a management panel which provide Coaches with unprecedented technical and tactical performance information, along with physiological analysis about each and every player.

PlayerMaker’s wearable sensors house a set of accelerators and gyroscopes which collect vast amount of geometrical and mechanical data generated from the players right and left feet. Using proprietary machine learning algorithms, PlayerMaker is capable of calculating when players receive a ball, how long they keep it, the efficiency of their passes or kicks, their left vs. right foot weaknesses and strengths, the effects of fatigue on the players and when exactly this fatigue kicks in. This data, in turn, translates into a hyper personalized training regime and better strategic decision making.

Although still in stealth mode, PlayerMaker had already sparked considerable interest among Premier League football clubs and is currently being used by top tier UK academies.

Professional football teams and professionals interested in PlayerMaker’s technology are welcomed to contact to be put in contact with PlayerMaker directly.