NIKE Acquired an Israeli Tech to 3D Digitize Customer’s Shoe Profile for Online / Offline Shopping

NIKE, Inc. continues to expend and to develop its digital technology platforms by acquiring the Israeli startup Invertex Ltd, specializing in 3D scanning and profiling customer shoe size profiles for online to fascilitate offline shopping. The acquisition price was not disclosed, but is estimated at around $10 M.

Invertex​ developed unique 3D sensors which scan the human body, analyse it and present data in 3D.  This technology revolutionises online fitting and allows individual tailored products such as footwear and clothes, fitting the customer’s specific needs and measurements. This App can eventually go on to create fully-customised product lines and mass product customisation.

This will allow Nike to improve costumer experience by using computer vision and artificial intelligence to present online shoppers with a real time accurate model based on the detailed information scanned and gathered, freeing them from actually measuring the product.