Elon Musk Visited Israel But DID NOT Visit Artificial Intelligence Cortica :-)

In a reply to a tweet by Ran Natanzon, Head of Tech and Innovation at Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Elon Musk says the real reason for his visit to Israel was: “Just taking my kids on a Spring Break trip to see ancient historical sites”. To make things clear he clarified “Never even heard of Cortica”!

Musk’s reply puts an end to a 24 hour speculation game and a story of a visit to Cortica, a tech company in Israel specializing in self-learning vision technology that originated in the Israeli financial newspaper Globes and later picked by Reuters.

Since now everyone knows about Cortica 🙂 here’s a bit about the company…

Cortica is developing unsupervised machine learning systems that can understand a vehicle’s environment and identify objects while the vehicle is travelling.  Cortica’s artificial intelligence engine enables self-driving cars to identify moving parts in its environment and make informed decisions, even predicting changes likely to occur in its surroundings.

Recent reports suggested that Volkswagen Group would adopt Cortica’s technology. Cortica has installed its technology on seven prototype models of various makers of autonomous vehicles, and has signed a collaboration agreement with Best Group of India, which produces parts for leading vehicle makers.

According to Start-Up National Central, Cortica has raised nearly $70 million since it was founded in 2007. Investors include Hong Kong-based Horizons Ventures and Russia’s Mail.ru Group (MAILRq.L).