Over 270 Multinational Corporations doing R&D in Israel! 2018 is Topping the Charts!

It was recently reported that there are over 270 multinational corporations (MNCs), which have established more than 320 advanced R&D facilities throughout Israel. These include: Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Intel, GM, IBM, Cisco and many more.

Moreover, multinational companies aren’t just opening facilities in Israel, they’re actually bringing C level member of the team on regular visits to the country. This is being done in order to keep them up to speed on the latest innovative trends, with the hope that it will inspire them to innovate even further within their own companies.

Towards the beginning of March, Chuck Robbins, CEO of Cisco Systems arrived in Israel to participate in the launch of Cisco’s country digitization acceleration (CDA) program, Cisco’s social initiative to digitize Israel’s peripheral communities and connect them with the country’s economic and technological centre in Tel Aviv.

In the recent ‘Business of Fashion’ podcast, CEO Imran Amed was interviewing Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri. When asked about how he is getting the supply chain to catch up with the speed of communication, Marco spoke about his recent trip to Israel, in which he looked at different ways the tech community there is utilising technologies.

Moreover it’s not just corporates who are coming to Israel with the hope of being inspired. For the past two years Forbes Under 30 held their regional summit in Israel, but this year the company decided to step things up and hold their global summit in the country. This will bring together roughly 800 of the best young entrepreneurs from key industries – 200 each, from the U.S., Europe and Asia, respectively, as well as 200 from the Middle East and Africa.

It’s official: in 2018, Israel is topping the charts for inspiration and innovation.