Israeli Sport Tech is Winning at the World Cup 2018

As we start to get towards the “business end” of the World Cup, all eyes are on the players, teams and fans of the countries hoping to get ever closer to the final in Moscow. However, a large part of the action is actually taking place off field, away from the eyes of the fans and the TV cameras. There are a plethora of new technologies providing multi-angle analysis of players, tactics and moves, and a huge number are provided and developed by Israeli start-ups, here are just a few:

Reply Technologies

Sold to Intel for a whopping $175 Million back in 2016, Replay is the developer of a multi-dimensional video imaging technology which allows a 360° view of key moves and incidents, as well as playbacks from all angles allowing fans to re-watch the action close up and in real time.


This is a cutting edge wearable sensor which comfortably attaches to both shoes of  players and captures crucial data on the player’s interaction with the ball and with other players. The sensors relay the data to a management panel which provides managers, physios and coaches with unprecedented technical and tactical performance information, along with physiological analysis regarding each and every player.


Pixellot revolutionises traditional video capture by using a multi-camera system that covers the entire field, generates panoramic footage and captures major moves, frame-by-frame. The footage produces unique interactive content for web, mobile, coaching and Virtual Reality applications and offers fans, players and coaches intuitive tools to generate and share their own clips.


Sports fans can engage, keep up to date and follow all the latest news and stories. Tokabot allows sports eco-system to come together, bringing the energy  from the football field straight into their mobile devices, where fans can join a community, chat with one another and enjoy interactive content such as trivia and fans surveys, and get real time updates.