Israeli startup Workey launched “Tinder” for job finding

Different to the generation before it, millennials change jobs every two years, while so-called Generation Z are even more fickle. Job searching is becoming more passive. People aren’t necessarily looking for a new job but are permanently open to their next career move. At the same time, one can not be too explicit or else will run the risk of upsetting the current employer.

Workey was built to address this trend and potentially build a business model to serve the passive job hunting market… something like Tinder only for recruitment 🙂

The iOS app, initially launched in the U.S. and Israel, takes the form of a chatbot which ask you a series of questions related to your current job and the types of opportunities you are looking for. It then uses machine learning to let you swipe through available job opportunities mapped to your potential career path, while on the other side recruiters can browse your anonymized profile. If there is a mutual match — ie you are interested in the job opening and the recruiter is interested in you — the two parties are introduced and an interview can be scheduled.

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