New Israeli App for Farmers Identifies Crop Disease and Pests With a Snap of Smartphone Camera

The Israeli AgriTech startup Saillog has developed the first-ever artificially intelligent monitoring system, sending real-time alerts to farmers on predicted crop disease and pest infestations.

Saillog’s multilingual smartphone app, Agrio, is in-fact a multi-platform agronomic tool-set, equipped with image recognition technology and backed by artificial intelligence algorithms capable of diagnosing hundreds of crop diseases, deficiencies, and crop pests with a snap of a camera. Saillog’s founder and CEO, Physicist Nessi Benishti explained that the Agrio app “can identify crop diseases and pests with high confidence levels; it is like having an agronomist in your pocket”.

The highlight feature, incorporated into the Agrio app, is the artificial intelligence-backed AgrioShield farmer alert algorithm, capable of predicting the spread of pests and crop diseases in relation to a farm’s geographical location. It provides farmers with real-time alerts which gives them time for preventative measures to impede infestations and reduce crop losses. “We wanted to prevent the spread of pathologies to nearby farms; AgrioShield is one of the many functions we are launching to help farmers reduce pre-harvest waste.” said CEO Nessi Benishti.

Saillog was created in 2017 by Israeli Physicist Nessi Benishti, Ph.D who, for over a decade, developed artificial intelligence algorithms for medical imaging. Saillog was launched with the aim of offering farmers one complete solution for crop disease and pest management. The Agrio app is currently being used by tens of thousands of farmers worldwide and is available for download in over 11 languages.

Both iOS Apple and Android versions of the app can be downloaded here.