Israeli Tech Helped Track Location of the Missing Boys in Thailand

After 9 days of being trapped in a flooded cave in Northern Thailand, rescue teams were able to locate the 12 missing boys, aged 11-16 and their their 25-year-old football coach. A major contributor to this operation was the Israeli company Maxtech Networks, which developed a cutting edge technology, allowing communication in emergency situations when there is no infrastructure available.

The company has developed a walkie-talkie like device called Max-Mesh, that contains an algorithm responsible for transmitting radio through virtual infrastructure, enabling peer-to-peer communication. This technology ensures high-quality voice and data exchange, within a range of several miles. Thai Navy seals carried this mobile device with them while entering the intricate cave system, making their way through miles of rock and flood water. The technology creates a network of communication between all team members carrying the device, allowing them to easily communicate and to stay updated at all times, while mapping the interior of the cave and eventually locating the missing boys.

The devices were donated by Maxtech Network to help the Thai authorities with their search and rescue efforts.