Life Saving Israeli Startup CardiacSense Raises Additional Funding; Getting Closer to Production

Israel-based startup CardiacSense raises additional $500,000, for commercial distribution of its life saving device. The company developed a cutting edge wristband watch, which tracks vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation and detects cases of arrhythmia. This compact and wearable device also serves as a portable EKG monitor. As heart disease is a leading cause of death, CardiacSense’s technology identifies early signs of stroke or cardiac arrest. The device uses ECG monitoring as well as photoplethysmography, a non-invasive optical technique that detects changes in blood volume, and sends the patients’ data to the their physician in real time.

In 2016, CardiacSense completed a successful clinical trial on human patients, held at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center. The measures taken by the device were highly accurate, comparable to the quality and accuracy of an EKG test. This game changing device can revolutionise the field of private medicine as it gathers real time data and detects irregularities, alerting the patient to get the proper treatment to save his or her life.