Tel Aviv University Opens First Israeli University Venture Capital Fund

Tel Aviv University together with investors from Japan, US and Canada is establishing an early stage start up investment venture capital fund called TAU Ventures, with an estimated fund size of around $20 million.

TAU Ventures will invest in early stage startups and manage different incubation programs in ranging tech fields. This model is already operating in leading US universities such as MIT, Berkeley and Stanford. The first cycle from TAU will focus on Cyber Security and will run in partnership with Japanese multinational NEC Corporation. The fund will operate on a seven year cycle with investments being made in the first four years. Joseph Klafter, Tel Aviv University president said that: “As a university that brings together the leading students and alumni in Israel, TAU Ventures will give those of them who are entrepreneurs the opportunity to implement their revolutionary ideas. By doing so the university will contribute among others, to the future of the state of Israel and its consolidation as the startup nation”.