British Energy Giant Centrica to invest $100M in Israeli Companies and Startups

Centrica is expected to invest $100 million (out of a $140 million annual budget) in Israeli technologies, starting with Driivz, a smart platform for charging electric vehicles. The cloud-based operating system provides an inclusive management solution in all aspects including charging the vehicle, managing the user’s account and billing the driver.

Centrica will integrate the software into its new electric vehicle charging platform which will be spread across the UK, and will provide services for organisations who seek EV charging facilities for their employees.

Driivz already operates EV charging networks across North America and in Europe, with over 9,000 sockets used by 200,000 drivers. With 14 million EVs expected on U.K. roads by 2030, Driivz’s technology is designed to meet the needs of the users and to facilitate access to eco-friendly transportation system.