TAU Ventures Announces 7 Promising Startups Participating in Their Signature Accelerator

TAU Ventures, established earlier this year, is launching its accelerator program titled “Xcelerator”, including 7 promising startups focusing on four technology trends.

Cyber Security & Combating Fake News

Cyabra – Around-the-clock surveillance protecting brands, organisations and public identities from social media attacks and disinformation threats. The startup has developed an algorithm that recognises abnormal activity patterns of online users, combining with machine learning system that identifies malicious content and provides post-attack solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

CannyAI – Enables editing and synthesising videos using Artificial Intelligence. Main target audience is the film and television industry.

AutoPlay AI – Develops bots that test software products autonomously.

Legal Automation – Develops a product which automatically analyses case materials and generates legal documents accordingly.

Virtual Reality

Xtend Technologies – Established by Aviv and Matteo Shapira, the founders of Replay Technologies, this product incorporates VR to simulate the experience of flying drones.

Clone – Developing holographic avatar platform, based on augmented reality technology.

Big Data

Talamoos – Big data and machine learning based technology, enables high level of personalisation and prediction of users’ behaviour, preferences and actions.

The participating startups will receive a $50,000 grant and will be mentored by technology and content experts during the 4-month program.