Israel-Based Video Intelligence BriefCam Acquired by Canon Inc.

BriefCam‘s revolutionary video synopsis technology has been acquired by Japanese Giant Canon. With the growing usage of CCTV, monitors and security cameras, Briefcam’s cutting edge product is making waves due to its ability to take extensive video footage, analyse it and then produce critical visual intelligence. This saves valuable time, permitting the user to browse through hours of footage within a few minutes. Briefcam’s features recognise specific elements and categorise them according to the user’s choice, allowing him to pinpoint and track an object or a person appearing in the video whilst retrieving the essential data needed.

In 2013, BriefCam was used by law enforcement authorities and played a key role in tracking the suspects of the Boston Marathon bombings. BriefCam enables the thorough monitoring of the public spaces therefore making it safer for the general public.