“Innovate Israel”, 3 July: UK Israel Business Invites You to Explore the Very Best of Israeli Innovation

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For some UK corporates, Israeli innovation is, at least until now their best kept secret.  Over recent years, corporates have worked with both UK Israel Business and our partners at the UK Israel Tech Hub based in the British Embassy in Tel Aviv in order to access the world’s most innovative minds and companies based all of a five hour flight from London.

These corporates, ranging from Barclays; HSBC and RBS through to ShopDirect; Centrica, Marks & Spencer, BT, IAG and Jaguar LandRover to name but a few see Israel as the ‘Silicon Valley for the rest of the world’ as they utilise Israeli innovation to gain a competitive advantage on a global basis.

Utilising Israeli expertise in areas like artificial intelligence; machine learning; cyber security; marketing technologies and big data analysis, some UK corporates have innovated better and more effectively than their competitors.

At a recent UK Israel Business breakfast briefing, Alex Cruz, Chairman and Chief Executive of British Airways reflected on his visit to Israel last November to meet with technology companies by saying “there is no challenge that is impossible [to Israelis]” and talking about the breadth of Israeli companies helping British Airways innovate better and faster.

Whilst a five hour flight isn’t a long period of time to travel, the time commitment might well be a barrier for those UK corporates that have yet to discover the hive of innovation that exists throughout Israel.

That is why we are excited to be bringing the very best of Israeli innovation to London for the morning of 3 July with our technology summit ‘Innovate Israel’.  Companies like Barclays; RBS; Microsoft; BT; GoAhead; London Stock Exchange; IAG; BP; JPMorgan; Deutsche Bank; Shell; Amazon; Google and Centrica and investors like KR; GrovePoint; LocalGlobe; Virgin Management; Redline Capital; Shell Ventures are all joining us to hear from a carefully curated group of founders as well as a panel focusing on how UK corporates access Israeli innovation.

Our keynote speaker, ZIv Aviram is best known as the co-founder of Mobileye, bought by Intel last year for almost $16bn, the largest ever Israeli exit! Ziv’s new company, Orcam has already achieved a $billion valuation, using the most advanced machine vision and artificial intelligence to open up the world to the visually impaired.

Other themes being covered in London include ten minute thought leadership style talks (with no pitches!) around developments in artificial intelligence (AI); big data analysis and cyber security as well as an inspirational talk about satellite technologies.  In addition, specifically aimed at UK corporates, there will be one panel, hearing from UK corporates on how they engage with the Israeli technology eco-system, providing learnings for all.

If you’d like to hear for yourself why Israeli innovation provides UK plc with an advantage, we’d love to see you at Innovate Israel on the morning of 3 July in Central London – it’s quicker (and cheaper!) than a flight to Israel!