Equinom From Israel Enrich Crops With Protein To Save Us All From Cow Farts

Equinom is a seed-breeding technology company from Israel, which creates superior food ingredients using precision breeding methods. Utilizing DNA sequencing, big data processing and proprietary algorithms, the company is enhancing the nutritional values of grains and develop new varieties that represent the best of what nature has to offer.

Equinom’s technology makes the breeding process up to 10-times more accurate than traditional methods, and cuts time-to-market by half. As a result, the company is transforming the economics of mid-size market crops by opening them up to the benefits of advanced breeding technologies and the profits associated with implementing them.

Equinom is currently focused on the following crops:


When ripe, sesame capsules split in order to release the seed. Due to this, sesame has been grown only in developing countries where they can be harvested by hand. Recognizing that one of the key factors restricting the sesame market is the fact that crops are harvested manually, Equinom has set out to develop high-yield sesame varieties suited for mechanical harvest with enhanced dietary properties.


At present, soy is the most common source of plant protein, capturing 77% of the plant protein ingredients market share. However, soy has some significant drawbacks: It contains allergens and anti-nutritional factors and has flavor issues. Pea protein which is already used in food applications such as bakery and snacks, has high nutritional values and does not contain allergens. Equinom has bred lines of Peas with enhanced levels of protein (up to 30% more), a neutral savory flavor, and other nutritional benefits (amino acid score of 1 compared to only 0.81 in existing varieties).


Highly nutritional crop, Quinoa is becoming a global commodity thanks to its protein qualities and quantities, which are higher than most cereals. However, due to its required growing conditions, production of quinoa has been limited to South America, specifically to coastal regions in the Andes. Equinom has created high yield varieties that are adapted to hotter climates to allow cultivation in mass quantities beyond the Andes.


An important pulse crop, which is mainly grown in semiarid regions all over the globe and gaining appreciation as an alternative source of protein thanks to its high nutritional values and digestibility. While current varieties of chickpea seeds have variable protein content of 17– 22%, Equinom has already achieved up to 30% of protein in chickpeas.

Equinom’s Target Product Genomic Code (TPGC) technology is based on machine intelligence that increases its accuracy in each breeding cycle and across species, thus significantly reducing both time-to-market and cost.

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