No More Cold Pizza: Israeli Flytrex’s Drone Service will Deliver Your Food in No Time

Tel Aviv based company Flytrex is on its way to provide the world’s first drone-based delivery service, and a sustainable one at that, cutting costs of energy and time. Flytrex provides drone delivery management through the cloud, but does not build actual drones. The drones are able to carry up to 6.5lbs and travel a distance of approximately 6 aerial miles. They require minimal handling thus reducing manpower, and ensuring a quick delivery every single time.

Last year, Flytrex teamed up with AHA, one of Iceland’s biggest e-commerce companies, to launch the world’s first fully operational, regulatory approved drone delivery service in Reykjavik. The successful and efficient service turned Flytrex into the leading competitor in the race to deploy a true on-demand delivery service using autonomous vehicles. It currently has 23 delivery spots across Reykjavik, where customers can pick up orders within five minutes after purchasing them.

In May earlier this year, Flytrex has been chosen by the Federal Aviation Administration to test commercial drone operations, alongside companies such as Google, Intel, and Uber. The trial pairs the companies with local councils and governments in order to accelerate the safe deployment of drones. The data collected over the course of two years will help the FAA in formulating guidelines for safely integrating drones into the national airspace.

With a successful run in Iceland and an exciting start in the US, Flytrex is well on its way to become the next FedEx. Only with a propeller.