Prince William is Set to Meet with 4 Israeli Startups During First Official Visit to Israel

Prince William has arrived in Israel today for a first official visit, and other than enjoying the traditional Hummus and Falafel dishes, he will also get a taste of the Israeli technology. As a part of the UK Israel Tech Hub’s initiative, the Prince is scheduled to meet four leading Israeli startups, all focusing on social impact and education.

ReWalk Robotics – Aimed at assisting people who suffer spinal injuries, this startup developed a wearable robot skeleton that enables the user to perform daily tasks and basic actions such as standing, walking, and climbing the stairs.

OrCam – Established by Mobileye’s founders Prof. Amnon Shashua and Ziv Aviram, OrCam’s unique technology is set to improve the lives of blind and vision-impaired individuals. This wearable artificial vision accessory, which contains a miniature processor and a camera, latches onto eyeglasses and assists in reading, recognising faces and identifying objects.

MyndLift – Offers innovative tools and interactive games for enhancing cognitive abilities among children, teenagers and adults with attention and concentration disabilities. Through these stimulating and advanced techniques, the users learn to train and self regulate their brain activity resulting in improved cognitive performance.

AlgoBrix – Teaches the fundamentals of coding and programming through a creative game. This allows children to engage with robotics and technology at a young age, by assembling a robot using “smart” Lego-like blocks. Each sequence that is assembled not only produces a different shaped robot, but also creates a different command, much like in computer programming.